How to Hang Wall Art

How to hang wall art

How To Hang Wall Art – Common Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Wall art can be the hero piece in any space. It can inspire your colour or décor choices and beautifully complete a room. When done well, it can make an area appear larger than it is. But when the scale isn’t right, it can do just the opposite. Here we share some tips on how to hang wall art in your home.

What’s your space missing?

When choosing your artwork, consider the space as it is today. Is it full of colour with a lot going on? Perhaps it needs a calming image to balance it out. Or is it quite neutral, could your home do with some bright prints to add some personality? Is there a lot of patterns involved in your soft furnishings? Or is everything rather plain? Art can help pull back or push up the elements that your space may be dominating or lacking in.

Eye level placement

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Placement is of huge importance when it comes to hanging a piece of art on the wall. Art is mainly for us to look at so thinking about the right eye level (at least the average of the adults in the house) is key to getting it positioned right. The general rule is that you shouldn’t need to lift your chin to observe the centre of your art, it should be straight in front of you. Try this with what you have hanging now – you’d be surprised how many are too high. Try not to hang above door height and line up with architraves.

Size counts

When it comes to size, if you have a large area with a large blank wall, a small piece of art will draw the eye into it, and the space may appear smaller than it is. However, if you were to place a lovely large piece of art on the wall, the eye will be drawn out, and the entirety of the space will be felt. On the flip side though, going too big in a tiny space may overcrowd the area and look cramped and disproportioned. It can be tricky to get the balance right, but once you do, you’ll know, it adds the perfect finishing touch.

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Tape test

If you’re unsure about whether or not a particular size will work, try sticking some painters tape on your wall in the size of the piece you are thinking of hanging. Look at it over a couple of days and see how it makes your space feel. This can also work for figuring out the placement.

Two may be better than one

In some instances, if a piece of work is too small for the space, rather than upsizing, consider another one beside it, or under it. For example, in a dining room with a long dining table, a square piece on the wall behind it may bring the room in. But if you were to use two pieces, side by side, the room will instantly open up and feel larger and more proportioned to the table.

This piece was written in conjunction with Sophie from Lennon House  Interiors | Plant Lover | Stylist | Mum

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